Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What have I been up to?

Family outing

Been busy or too knackered to blog. Sorry.

Here's a quick resume of what we've been up to over the last few days...

Friday night - went to Starbucks at the Fort for a beverage (see above) before heading over to Jon & Lorna's for a wee gathering to celebrate Lorna's bday.

Ouch... too hot!

Had fun playing with the chocolate fountain... chocolate goes well with sausages, btw! It also complements chillies but doesn't cool them in anyway... as Jon will testify to (above). Great night to chill with pals and listen to old tunes like wonderwall.


Headed down to the Clydeside on Saturday for a browse. Olly has me inspired to grow vegetables... and we were checking out some of the garden centres. Have to say that Sandyholmes aka the uber-garden centre is just a bit too big and diversified. Its no longer my cup of tea. Too busy with too many posh people who fancy a wee jaunt. They've lost the way a wee bit and no longer appeal to their original customers... like us.

We checked out the new shopping space where the Fyffes banana warehouse was near the Garrion Brig. Its a fab space with a whole wing dedicated to antiques, like the clocks above. Great to have a wonder and check out some great design. Saw a lovely clarris cliff tea set... but well out our reach.

Rhubarb & Ginger Jam

Picked up a jar of rhubarb and ginger jam because it reminded me of my maternal grandparents - my papa used to grow rhubarb which tasted fantastic and was used by my gran who made the best jams ever. I really miss them. Would love my gran to see my we'ans.


Afterwards, we checked out an up-and-coming garden centre called Flowers of Scotland which is more on our wavelength with great product and well priced refreshments (including free refills for tea). It had the "immediate" vibe that Sandyholmes used to have... but has lost.

S*N*A*C :: March 07

S*N*A*C on Sunday night was a great success. A good crowd stayed on... even though our evening meeting has been moved forward 1 hour. We all had a packed lunch meal... sharing our snacks with our friends and having a great blether over a cup of tea. This extra time is really going to make S*N*A*C better... with more time to spend together socially. It was great to see Jon & Lorna, John B, and my pals from Edinburgh: Kirsty & Fraser who traveled through especially - thanks guys!

We watched the Bullhorn Nooma and heard from John B who spoke of what he's doing in Dennistoun. Basically, building relationships and loving people for no other reason than they deserve to be loved as Jesus loves them. Great!

Still here

Been in workshops from Monday until today... which has been productive but intense. I now have 12 days of email to catch up with! but we got the job done... and that's what counts!

Back to normal... I hope... tomorrow.

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