Thursday, March 15, 2007


at my side
I have to admit... I am a wee bit obsessive with stuff... as can be seen on my bedside table this morning.

Today was a great day! In the morning... while returning with my lead from a meeting... we were approached by a BBC2 film crew and interviewed by the presenter Neil Oliver (below left) for something called Balderdash & Piffle - he was interested in the origins of the word: Glasgow Kiss. Nice guy! Fun. Watch out for it... I may be on telly!

Neil Oliver and meJohn B

At lunch I met up with S*N*A*C regular & gathering attendee... John B... for a coffee (tea) and a catch up. It was a pleasure to hang out with this young revolutionary from the Highlands. He is study sound engineering and is interested in found sound - I put him onto Matthew Herbert / Sutemos / Earth Monkey Productions & Cornelius.

We also talked about being revolutionaries for Jesus... and spoke of his direction in life. I am so chuffed to see the reawakening of Glasgow happen before my eyes. Young guns like John B, Alistar and Laura-Lou are going to take the Good News to spaces and places I can only dream of. I want to support them and guide them... where possible... and watch them set this world alight.

They are already doing this... Alistar with his Flash Prayer Mob... John with his gathering in Dennistoun and 5-aside football for the parents of kids who attend the kid's club... Laura-Lou blazing a trail in Prestwick. Makes me proud to know them! The future is here and now.

The sky this evening

Its always nice to see a fab sky over the Motherwell Bridge Water Tower... makes me feel at home!

Old tapes

I've been playing with my girls for a while... with some old tapes playing in the background. Fugazi's 13 songs... and the original Mo' Wax compilations :: Heads :: that kicked off my love affair with downtempo electronica and beats.

From Album Covers

I was also delighted to find out that one of my fav musicians :: Cornelius :: has a new album about to drop at the end of March called Sensuous. From what I have heard from his myspace page... it sounds fantastic! Check him out.

Oh and I finished Selwyn Hughes' book on prayer :: 15 ways for a more effective prayer life :: in the bath this morning. Great book. Hope to put it into practice and will post on it soon.

All in... another great day.


Paula said...

So fill me in.

What's a "Glasgow kiss"?

(I have a feeling I've heard the term before, but the meaning hasn't lodged itself in this Canadian's memory!)

Anonymous said...

It's when another human head butts you.

Another term you may like is to be "Malkied" (pronounced MAL-KAY).
This to be assassinated in Scotland - especially in Glasgow.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Found your blog by accident (there aren't that many entries on the web that combine 'Balderdash & Piffle' with 'Neil Oliver')... but glad to have the chance to thank you for helping out with the filming and let you know that you are indeed going to be on telly - watch B&P on Friday 1st June, the episode called 'Dodgy Dealings' on BBC2 at 10pm, repeated the following Monday at 11.20pm! And thanks very much for taking part.
Best wishes
(producer/director Balderdash & Piffle)


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