Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Meeting a major milestone


Its a nice feeling to complete a major milestone... I have a sense of satisfaction that I haven't had for a long while. I am also pretty stoked that my lead and I did so two days early. Been mad hectic but feels good.

Listened to an excellent sermon from Nancy Ortberg (Wife of John for those who got out the boat) on noble service in the workplace this morning. I picked it up from DJChuang's blog (thanks DJ) who had, in turn, picked it up from Guy Kawasaki's blog (Thanks Guy)... and was inspired.

In the 30 mins that Nancy speaks... she uplifted me and affirmed my central belief that I do what I do for a reason... and although I may not be sure what that reason is... I should demonstrate Jesus by living salt and light... by being a servant and reaching out to people... building relationships based on service. She goes against the flow with what she says and I really got it. Talking about a skilled surgeon who thanked everyone who helped him... by name!

I get this and, I think, I try to live this way. I try to connect with everyone... and in the short time when I led the team I ran it as open and honest as I could with everyone valued and contributing.

I don't know where my work / career is going... but today was a good day that reaffirmed me in a small way. I'm not a political animal... nor am I a go-getter who will step on anyone to get ahead. I am just a wee guy who lives by a strange motto in this crazy world:: Love All... Serve All..! or as its put in Luke 10: 27 (The Message) ::
"That you love the Lord your God with all your passion and prayer and muscle and intelligence—and that you love your neighbor as well as you do yourself."
Go against the flow!


Anonymous said...

I work for Guy Kawasaki. Thanks for your comments about Nancy Orthberg's sermon as well as the link to Guy's blog!

Virtual Assistant

Royzoner said...

Kawasaki rocks. That sermon was really well told, and very truthful-- saw it yesterday.


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