Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Gathering :: March

From Gathering Flyers

Calling another gathering... Wednesday, 21st March on or around 5pm at the Caffe Nero at the corner of Hope and Waterloo... in the basement space.

Let's get together... connect... have a blether...

Let me know if you can make it.

Oh and here are the photos from the last couple :: flickr


Anonymous said...

are we getting badges this time? lol

Anonymous said...

Should make it as long as you don't mind an extra Peterhead body coming along too, lol.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully I will make it this time!

Anonymous said...

yes - i can be there
i want a badge too
maybe we should make them for each other ???
missed you last time innes so i hope that you can make it
thanks again thomas for making this happen

Anonymous said...

Come... one and all! Come as you are!

There will be badges too.

Anonymous said...

there will be badges... in that case, i'll do my best to come along.

Anonymous said...

Sorry folks, can't be there this time - will be thinking of you all and following this up - Debbie and I in London being reviewed, reflecting on ministry of past 5 years, please pray for us, we'll be praying for all of you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Thomas - sorry can't make it as again wednesday's are really busy for us. Hope and pray all goes again.

Anonymous said...

To be honest Dan... You and Chris need to start your own thing. Not being exclusive here but Glenrothes / Fife needs a gathering of its very own.

I do not expect you to drive all the way from Perth / Glenrothes... but seek to encourage you to do your own thing.

If you can come then fantastic... but don't ever worry about not managing to come.

Hope that makes sense?


Anonymous said...

I think I may crash the party, if I remember :)

Anonymous said...

Please do Lurch... would be fab to meet you!

Anonymous said...

am sick - so not going to make today's gathering - bummed out about missing the chance to get one of those lovely badges ! - hope you all have a great time - peace j


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