Sunday, March 11, 2007


From Screendumps

I've mentioned thisnext before and would recommend you check it out...if you haven't already.

I like to use the site as a space for tracking stuff I like. Its stuff I don't necessarily want... or need... its just stuff I really dig.

One of my lists :: Comes in any colour... as long as its camo! :: for all the stuff I dig in camo... has made the ThisNext homepage - which is kind of cool... but the coolest thing is that Kristine ThisNext's Merchant in Resident rates my list as one of her favourites. Nice!

Check it out... if you are into that sort of thing.


From Screendumps

I've been blogged by Kristine on her fab space :: Grenade Fishing :: I'm pretty chuffed! Thanks Kristine!

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Paula said...

I've started my own shoe list! There just isn't a closet in the world big enough to hold all the shoes I wish I could buy.

My one capitalistic weakness.


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