Sunday, March 04, 2007

A weekend with my life :: Friday night

Olly in La Rusticana

What an absolutely fantastic weekend! Thank you honey for a wonderful time. You rawk!

The Point, Edinburgh

The Point just off Lothian Road in Edinburgh aka Auld Reekie... was a fabulous place to stay.


Our suite consisted of a double jacuzzi with a sweet Dan Flavin-inspired fluorescent light. In fact, the whole hotel had wee reminders me of his work.

Chasin' Olly

The suite also contained a fab lounge area and a huge bed... I needed steps to get up into it.


Dinner with Olly

We had dinner in the hotel on Friday night and it was absolutely gorgeous. None of this fancy food that makes you hungry just eating it... this was quality nosh.

Haggis in Chinese pastrySea Bass
Banoffe Creme BruleCheese and oatcakes

Olly and I both went for the Haggis in Chinese Pastry to start - it was first class. Real fusion food... basically, a haggis spring roll. Lovely.

I followed it with some of the best sea bass I have every tasted. Cooked to perfection. Olly had poached gnocchi with sun-dried tomatoes and absolutely loved it (I never got a snap of it... she had finished it before I could get my phone).

For desert, I had an unusual combination of banoffe and creme brule - lovely. Olly picked some fab local cheese and oatcakes.

Afterwards... we retired to our room for Ugly Betty and a spell in the jacuzzi. Good times!

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