Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A few things of note

This bin loves litter

Even in the remotest of places on earth... if you look hard enough... you will see love.

I'm sorry for the intermittent nature of the ol' nanolog over the last wee while... There are things I need to do and things weighing heavy on my heart that means I need to spend time away from 'tinterweb.

A few things of note (In no particular order):
* Olly is blogging more... which is a real encouragement
* I am meeting with Paul Clement today to discuss his involvement with ((deep))
* I am also meeting with my leadership on Thursday to discuss progress with ((deep))
* I am confirmed on my Prince2 course that will be held in London... but its in May instead of April
* I have stuff to do for my wee web thing... which should be going into test in April sometime
* I have a video podcast to complete
* I will be joining Olly in a wee trip to Croydon with the Bellshill SA Band in June - we will be staying with Jonny Laird and family... which will be sweet!

I'll be back soon... Oh and apologies to Richard Bradbury over in Zambia for posting pics of food... don't want you missing home too much!

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