Sunday, March 18, 2007

Last few days...

love life

The intention for this weekend was to chill out with my loved ones... Had a few things planned but most importantly the focus was to spend time with my family... and some close friends. On Friday evening I received an email that kind of threw me off kilter... took me aback, to be honest. I've tried to put it aside... but I can't.

Spent Friday evening watching a very good Red Nose Day... I'm delighted to see they raised £40m for deserving causes. My head wasn't really with it... all I could think about was how much our government have earmarked to replace Trident... somewhere in the Billions! and think what good that money could do it we used it for peaceful, humanitarian projects instead.


On Saturday, I spent the morning with my pal Derek who is a talented graphic designer and mac geek... who is working with me on a wee project.

posse in effect

The remainder of the team joined us later in Starbucks for a good and progressive discussion. I can't really give too much away just now but I am working with my mate Baz... Derek... and a chap called Tony... on a wee 'tinterweb application. Basically, its the realisation of an idea Baz shared with me a while back... and I am hopeful that it could become something special.

view from the car

After lunch... Olly and the we'ans ventured over the Forth Bridge to Glenrothes to see our pals... Chris and Dawn. The plan was to hook up with Dan & Carol-Anne and head into the new Nando's in Dunfermline before making our way for a concert by the Bellshill Salvation Army Band.

dan & carol-anne

olly, dayna & miriam

dawn & chris

We all had a fab meal. It was great to be in each others company and just rest. Olly and I are grateful for their friendship and thoroughly enjoyed being there.

We made it to the church on time for Olly to take part. She played her trombone with gusto... and sang a beautiful song called "Hold me close" - it was a long but varied programme... and a great night all in.

Breakfast with Olly

Today... for Mother's Day... Olly got a well-earned breakfast in bed with two lovely handmade cards from Dayna and Miriam. She's a great mum and a fantastic wife. Thanks honey.

Church was good... the sermons with be here shortly and available to download from iTunes.

Been fab to relax with my nearest and dearest... and thanks go to them for lifting me from the dark place I started out in on Friday night.

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