Wednesday, March 28, 2007

((deep)) - update meeting tomorrow

From Screendumps

Meeting tomorrow with Ivor and Rita to discuss progress on ((deep)) - talking about the team needed... venues considered... costs / budgets... and timescales.

Please support me in whatever way is natural to you.

Ivor's "Christ" Carpet


Meeting went very well. We have identify the next steps and Ivor has earmarked funding for the project.

Next Steps to include...
* I need to present the idea to the Division at "Ignite"
* A Steering Group & Team need to be identified and mobilised
* I need to continue to Scout for a location, although I can now consider leasing a property (which is better for the whole view of ((deep))

We agreed to aim for the first event to be in October 07. Not long really.
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