Wednesday, March 28, 2007

((deep)) - update meeting tomorrow

From Screendumps

Meeting tomorrow with Ivor and Rita to discuss progress on ((deep)) - talking about the team needed... venues considered... costs / budgets... and timescales.

Please support me in whatever way is natural to you.

Ivor's "Christ" Carpet


Meeting went very well. We have identify the next steps and Ivor has earmarked funding for the project.

Next Steps to include...
* I need to present the idea to the Division at "Ignite"
* A Steering Group & Team need to be identified and mobilised
* I need to continue to Scout for a location, although I can now consider leasing a property (which is better for the whole view of ((deep))

We agreed to aim for the first event to be in October 07. Not long really.


Anonymous said...

Hi Thomas...I just wanted to register encouragement and prayer support for ((deep)), especially the outward looking aspect of it.

When I was a Lieutenant in Glasgow (Dennistoun) God often gave me a vision of a 'shop' type venue in the city centre, a sort of hub, where not-yet-christians could interact with Christians. It was a place that was accessible, modern yet not flashy. In fact, I blogged about the idea on my blog on the 17th Jan, 2007. Have a may have read it already.

Its maybe not the exact replica of what you have in mind, but it certainly springs from wanting to see West Scotland flourish with the gospel.

sorry we didn't make the last gathering...with our apointment being in Wick, we spent most of the time up there in the Highlands instead of getting familiar with what we thought might be a central belt appointment!

Andrew C

Anonymous said...

((deep)) sounds like an amazing vision and one that is needed, I am sure God will bless it.

On a practical note - If your looking for funding, even if only in the short term, then the organisation that has been paying for me to install an IT suite in the Granton-Neo may be worth a look... of course saying that I can't remember their name... I think its was the Seed Trust, or something... if your do want to contact them get in touch and I'll get their details.


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