Thursday, March 22, 2007


another perspective

Sometimes you need to look at things from a different perspective... from another person's viewpoint.

Jen... Jon... Alistair... Paul

Spent time today in Starbucks. Intention was to meet up with Jon G to discuss an issue that's been troubling my mind of late. When I got there... I had the pleasure of hanging with Paul and Jen as well as Jon. Alistair joined us later.

Its nice to be surrounded by likeminded people and share in something simple and basic... yet kind profound. This is fellowship... and its great to be part of. Paul and I spent the majority of my lunch hour in conversation on where the synergies exist between his project and ((deep)) - encouraged by the overlap. Points to a greater plan for Glasgow.

Thing is though... never got a chance to talk 1-to-1 with Jon. I appreciate his counsel... and he calls on mine. I am grateful for him popping over tonight to talk. I needed his perspective. Thanks, bro!


Johnny said...

One of these days I'm gonna get to one these Gatherings.

Thought anymore about coming to Croydon, Thomas?

weareallghosts said...

I'm going to join Olly with band... and come for a wee visit in June, if I may?

Then in October... we'll welcome you and hopefully your family to sunny Motherwell.

Hopefully that's ok?

Johnny said...

Cool! That will be excellent


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