Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The soundtrack to our weekend

Shapes in the bathroom

Made sure I brought the iPod on this trip... packed full of sweet tunes for our weekend away.

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First off was probably my fav compilation of 2006... Tom Middleton's The Trip 2 - it is just a first class collection of great tunes. The chilled horizontal disc worked a treat as we lay in the jacuzzi... although when the jacuzzi was in full effect... you couldn't hear each other speak, let alone the tunes!

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Another fab compilation is Las Vegas :: The Sex, the City, the Music; - its an amazing gathering of tunes that is intended to give a taster for the city... whet your appetite, so to speak... There are other cities in the collection... such as NYC, Berlin & Shanghai... but Las Vegas had a fun selection that really appealed to me.

Tracks such as Danke Schoen by Wayne Newton sit nicely with the Away Team Mix of (Where Do I Begin) Love Story performed by the mighty Shirley Bassey and Bonce by the tea loving Mr. Scruff. A fun soundtrack for down time with that special someone.

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Lastly... an old favourite of mine and a sweet gift from The Soos from when he stayed at The Standard Hotel when he was in LA. Room Service is another fantastic collection of tunes that just work together and build the mood. More upbeat than the other two... with more than a passing affection for housey beats... this is another essential compilation on the iPod. Tracks by Llorca, Trüby Trio, and Tosca blend well with remixes such as Thievery Corporation's remix of Savour Fare by Ursula 1000.

Good times need great tunes... and these albums worked. Check them out... if you get a chance.

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Jonathan Blundell said...

sounds like a good soundtrack for a good weekend.
I'll have to check them out for the week of April 28th......



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