Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Why I do it!

Laura, Sam & my stuff

I hope Laura doesn't mind me quoting her... but her quote really lifted me and I thank her for it. I don't quote this to make myself special or to say... look at me... but simply to show everyone why I do what I do. Why I sometimes spread myself too thin... Why I sometimes neglect people I love... This is why:
We headed down to Caffe Nero after that for ‘The Gathering’ which, due to our bizarre collection of toys, ended up being plain daft. We had the whole group tied together in a web of wool that, at one point, looped itself round the entire basement space ..and it was just silly and funny. It was so good though – just to be able to spend time in an atmosphere where I’m relaxed enough to have fun like that, in the company of a bunch of people who show a genuine interest in each other. I’ve really struggled to make friends since moving down here, so feeling a part of a group like that is a huge privilege to me. Lovely bunch of guys – Thomas deserves a lot of thanks for bringing them all together.

Thank you! and to all who have gathered... my thanks!

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Anonymous said...

Aww i feel all special and quoted now, haha.

But seriously... thank you!


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