Friday, March 02, 2007

Homeward bound

My life

It is so good to be home... to give my life a big hug and have a decent cup of tea!


Apart from the delay to the flight... everything else was pretty much perfect. The food was great - I had various things including halibut for my main and the loveliest vanilla ice cream I've had in a while.

Casino Royale wasn't the only great thing to see while we flew (although I did enjoy the film!)...

View from Continental Flight 16, Seat 1A

It was a privilege to witness the birth of a new day. Light defeating darkness. Beautiful!

View from Continental Flight 16, Seat 1A

It was also good to see the coast and some of the islands. Stunning.

Its good to get away... see new things... meet new people... and I am grateful for our partners in Malvern for their hospitality and for the folk from my work whose company was appreciated.

With all that considered, however, its still better to be home!


Johnny said...

Have a good weekend with the family, Thomas!



Laura Whispering said...

Oh man, stunning views.

Olly as well as the aeroplane shots =P ..since the joke was bound to come, haha

Enjoy Edinburgh!


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