Thursday, March 22, 2007

New Music from Earth Monkey Productions

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Simian Shaun has a lot to be proud of just now... He has a number of new releases on his netlabel :: Earth Monkey Productions :: 3 of which I am really digging.

First off... we have the sequel to Cousin Silas' Ballard Landscapes... This second installment contains some more of the beautiful ambient soundscapes that I just lap up. Textures... Layers... of blissful ambience. Great for foreground or background listening... as is:

From Album Covers

Des Slow and the stop pills with elements - 4 tracks of ambient electronica in the vein of Tangerine Dream. Deep listening. Special.

From Album Covers

I am also loving the patient lifting ep by the cardboard lung :: more dissonant with found sound and stolen voices... over ambient guitars. Loving it as the soundtrack to dreary days in wet Glasgow.

If you like ambient soundscapes then check out Earth Monkey Productions - you will be surprised by the quality of their roster's output.

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