Thursday, March 22, 2007

gathering :: March


March's gathering has to be the silliest yet... with conversation touching on films... music... and things to do with some toys purchased by Laura and her gang in the Pound Shop.

shoes with wool

For some reason a ball of wool was passed around... tie us all together in some weird, unintentional metaphor. Guess who's shoes?

duck, laura & sam

Laura brought her pal Sam from up North... as well as bringing "Big" Chris and a chap called Jay that she knows from ICC. The wool was his idea... I think.

Jay & Adam

Jay (right) wasn't the only new face... Adam aka Lurch (left) came along. As did Martin B... who's laugh was infectious and was heard before we saw him.

Afterwards, the majority of folk went for noodles. At this point, I was happy to leave them to it... my job done, in a sense, by bringing them together... and because I wanted to see Olly and the we'ans.

Another good night. Here's to the next one!

Photos :: here - I think we may need to create a flickr group for all the photos taken.


Anonymous said...

glad you had a good time - thanks again thomas for making this happen - peace j

Anonymous said...

haha, you sound slightly disturbed by last night's goings-on! i haven't had so much fun in a while, so thank you for providing the opportunity for that =]


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