Friday, November 24, 2006

All over... for now

That's that... over and done with for now. Well except for the terrible windypops and toned buttocks from all the clenching... seriously, I should get a pair of those tight black jeans all the emo kids wear... 'cause this whole episode has given me buttocks to be proud of!!!

The nurses were lovely. Very understanding and practical... which was sweet. After a wee wait... I was interviewed then taken to a bed and asked to get undressed... which was a wee bit forward, I thought, until she showed me what to put on. Who invented that gown??? I tried to tie it at the back but felt like I was a puppy chasing my tail... extremely hard... but I managed it.

Tried to read my book and chill... until I saw the woman across from me run to the loo with a poop trail following her. OMGoodness... what if that happens to me?

Anyway... got to the examination room and met my date. He shook my hand... laughed at my jokes... he even dimmed the lights... while he pumped me full of drugs. So far... so good!

The rest is kind of hazy... I remember seeing something on the monitor (btw they wouldn't give me a copy of the scope... I did ask!)... next minute I was waking up in the recovery room... with my date nowhere to be seen. Typical!

I don't know if there is anything wrong. They took a few biopsies... I guess they recognised my genius and just wanted a part of me??? I'll find out in a few weeks.

I'll recover. I'm have not to drive or use machinery... which includes the hover (result!!!) and I am rather explosive right now! Which reminds me of the AC/DC song: T.N.T
Cause I'm T.N.T., I'm dynamite!
(T.N.T.) And I'll win the fight!
(T.N.T.) I'm a power load!
(T.N.T.) watch me explooooode!
Thanks to all the folk who sent texts and emails and phoned me... means the world!

Special thanks to Olly for her love and patience in the waiting room.


Anonymous said...

hope your ok now after your operation and that the results are ok will be tinking abouth you
greetings anjo

Jonathan Blundell said...

Glad things went well...
It will be interesting to hear how this week's mix will be affected by your US trip and "your date."

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John said...

Brilliant Thomas! Never laughed so much in all my life! I also enjoyed your Philli posts, keep on blogging mate, you made my day!

Be encouraged.

joel said...

Any photos's for flikr?

weareallghosts said...

No photos... Joel... had to switch off my phone!

I could try to recreate if you wish?

Thanks Anjo... JD... and John for your comments.


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