Sunday, November 19, 2006

Philly... Day 4

What a trip... Philly is an amazing place... so much so, I'm heading back today. Going to meet up with Roy for a caw-fee.

Caught the train at Norristown and headed into Philly... jumped off at the Suburban Station to a surprise - what a beautiful station.

I'm used to Argyle Street and Glasgow Central... they have nothing on Suburban! It is vast... beautiful... ornate... clean! Built to last! Wonderful.

Just outside Suburban is the Love Park - not much to see other than the fab L*O*V*E sculpture. I love it... reminds me of a photo I saw of Cornelius where he posed next to this sculpture. Nice.

We walked down Ben Franklin in the direction of the Museum of Art to do a Rocky and run up the steps. On the way, we popped into the Franklin Institute Science Museum where we experienced an exhibition on Charles Darwin and had a big laugh on a flight simulator. The exhibition has got me thinking... I'll come back to that some other time.

We got to the steps of the museum and wow... its huge!!! A lot of steps for Rocky - good fun trying to run up them... I am so unfit.

While we were there we found out that the Philadelphia Marathon is on today (19th) which will make for fun while in the city. I was going to run it... but, you know, meeting up with Roy is more important!

After that the gang headed towards Rittenhouse Square and Walnut Street for some trendy shopping.

Saw La Colombe but didn't sample their wares... saving that for today (I hope).

Found Ubiq and drooled a wee bit too much at the Nikes looking fresh and limited. Nice.

Also checked out Urban Outfitters which is a lot cooler than the one in Glasgow with really reasonable prices. Picked up a Qee bear for a couple of bucks... which is way sweet.

After the shopping marathon... we found a lovely Mexican called El Vez. Well nice. Ambience was a celebration of Latino culture with wrestling images and lowrider bikes. Food was great... I have chicken fajitas and they were just right.

We headed home and hit the bar... I then hit my bed. Can't stay awake passed 2200hrs ET. I wanted to get up at 0300hrs ET to iChat with Olly and the we'ans. I miss them so very much.

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Don said...

Howdy Pard'ner.
Well there's me thinking you were going to be working your little socks off in Philly, but then again I should have known you would find the time to show us the good and the bad of the place.I like the photo of you in the car mirror,it threw me for a moment as it say's "objects in the mirror are closer than they appear" 3500 miles away now that's cool!.
Root Beer tried it once even after H warned me about its taste (Germoline)obviously an aquired taste, now Mountain Dew that's more like it pity we can't get it over here. Anyway looks like you're having a good time and getting your Starbucks fix. Have a good one and stay safe.


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