Thursday, November 16, 2006

Philly... Day 1 (continued)

Another observation about being over here is that its murder if you are a pedestrian. Trying to get from our hotel across to Tower Records and Acme was nigh on suicidal... but we did it!!!

Picked up some fab tunes and mags to keep me entertained while out here...

King Britt presents Sylk 130 for some Philly disco funk vibes.

The 3 cd compilation of OM's best bits :: Om:10 a decade of future music :: which is mighty sweet collection of fab house and downtempo beats and voices.

Couldn't resist this... its my fav album by the Dead Kennedys - extremely controversial (for content not part of the CD) but part of my youth... and I love it.

I also went to pick up some refreshments... Was going to buy some Mountain Dew to toast Studgie but found...

SNAPPLE!!! - My beverage of choice... I have 12 bottles in my fridge and am smiling.

Had a lovely salad in the bar here at 0130hrs GMT... and collapsed on my bed... but I think I am now acclimatised to the time.

Lastly... got up at 0300hrs local time to video iChat with Olly and the girls... Great to see you girls - love you!

Work happens today... and I'm up for it.

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Anonymous said...

Great to hear from you T
Don't work too hard, look after yourself. You will be missed greatly on Saturday at the Alpha away day, look forward to your safe return

Anonymous said...

I love you dad tell jokes to me and you tickle me. You are the best daddy ever! I really miss you.

love Miriam

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear you're having a good time, but I miss you a lot. I can't wait until you come back home. I miss all your tickling and all the fun we have. I miss you very much.

Love Dayna

Anonymous said...

Glad you arrived safely. Good to keep up-to-date through the blog. Hope you enjoy the different experience including the work environment. Take care!

Mum and Dad M.


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