Tuesday, November 07, 2006

New Music :: ((Slow Scream)) by [Cyte]

Simian Shaun over at earth monkey productions gave me the heads-up on their 24th netlabel release... and I am lovin' it!!!

Here's the skinny ::
Cyte hails from London, but since growing up as a teen in Cumbria, his heart has remained firmly in the North. He worked for "the man" for many years and was a self-confessed Nathan Barley for a while. But, having seen the error of his commrecial ways, he now makes music and film from a little hidey-hole in the South Lakes, away from the hustle-and-bustle of Soho, where he can actually find the time to think and write.

At times his music is quiet and melodic, with romantic, orchestral sweeps of piano and strings, or delicate electronic sequences fused with oriental acoustics. But there's always an underlying tension which can unleash itself with dirty beats exploding in your ears and samples which are twisted and re-sampled to the 'nth degree. Anything goes, and quite often everything does.
Check it out! Wonderfully fresh and vibrant soundscapes... with the funkiest, dirtiest distorted beats. What your iPod or... dare I say... Zune was made for!

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