Thursday, November 02, 2006

New Music :: Mark Calder's Psalms

Absolutely chuffed to be able to offer 3 tracks from Mark Calder's Psalms demo.

Psalm 13 / Psalm 46 / Psalm 86

Well recommended! Not my usual flavour of music... its challenging... and pretty intense... but well worth hearing one man sing psalms to his King.

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Jonathan Blundell said...

Awesome. Listen for the tracks on Orange Noise...
Keep it up mane! Keep it up.

boxthejack said...

Thanks for the kind comments! Just to let you know, there's a fundraiser in Edinburgh this coming Friday (17th) for Bethany Christian Trust.

I hope to play Ps 13 and 86 with a band (comprising three members of Origin's Exile band). Also, Steph McLeod will be doing some of his quite wonderful originals. Well worth checking out.

I'll post details on my blog when I have them.



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