Thursday, November 09, 2006

Philly... Next Wednesday...

I leave for Philly next Wednesday... and will have the weekend to explore. I am hoping to hook up with a couple of pals (thanks Roy & EP) but would welcome anyone who wants to grab a coffee and talk.

My plan, for what it is, will be to check out South Street... the Old City... and possibly Northern Liberty. I would love for any of the nanolog community to give me ideas... places to go... things to see... coffee to drink etc.

If you see anything... please tag it on with "For:Headphonaught" and I'll check it out. Otherwise leave a comment.

I have added a Philly label and will use it for all the posts that relate. Check it out... and enjoy.

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1 comment:

Johnny said...

I just love their cheese! ;-))


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