Saturday, November 25, 2006

New Music :: Falling comp from EMP

One day I'm going to hook up with "Simian" Shaun Blezard and thank him for Earth Monkey Productions :: the netlabel he has created that houses some of the best ambient, abstract, electronica on the planet. Sure this isn't for everyone... some may think its noise... and some may prefer their funky house... but for those of us who like subtle soundscapes for times when downtempo is just too upbeat then Shaun's your man!

I have pimped EMP many times before... so why the big intro? Well EMP have released their 25th release - a fab compilation of all thats good on the label. There are tracks from artists I am already diggin' such as 4th Alternative (with the fab track Mote... 1000 Aeroplanes Crashing in the Night... and cousin silas... as well as tracks from other folks such as clutter... adrian carter... and Dawn Salvia.

It is well worth checking out :: link :: and its free.

Thanks Shaun!

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