Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Princess Royal Trust for Carers / UFO No1 shopping portal

My Uncle Robert Russell sent me a link to this silly wee game... where Santa needs presents! Its annoyingly addictive and has resulted in some lost productivity in the ol' Headphonaught household. Cheers for that... Uncle R!!!

The game is found here :: Santa :: and, once completed, presents a link to a shopping portal.

A-HA!!! you say... there is always a catch... nothing is free.

Yes, you are right but this is a shopping portal with a purpose - a percentage of the commission plus a registration bonus is passed to The Princess Royal Trust for Carers (you know... the Rugby / Flower of Scotland / Horsey Royal...)

This charity, for which Uncle Robert Russell works, is a lesser know charity that needs your love... they support people who support others... usually members of their family... with little acknowledgment or support from the Government. Check them out here ::

What makes this even more special is the whole shebang is hosted through UFO No1 aka
Unique Funding Opportunity No1. It is a website focused on providing ethical fundraising for not for profit organisations.

Companies trading on the internet offer commission to websites who direct potential customers to them.

UFO No1 has formed these companies into an Internet Shopping Portal covering all your shopping needs. From clothes to your weekly shop you will find what you are looking for here, and when you buy, we pass the commission back to the Princess Royal Trust for Carers.
Nice. Check it out... and spread the word.

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Paula said...

Darn game IS addictive. LOL!


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