Saturday, November 04, 2006

Philadelphia... here I come!

When I am not trying to change the world... or at least the Salvation Army... I work for a Bank. I am part of their Business Internet Banking project... and am part of the team that works directly with the business - we take their requirements and design the end product. I work with a good group of guys and, although I have issues with my confidence and willingness to be there, for the most part its a good job. Every so often when sunshine pokes through the black cloud above my head... I enjoy it.

Anyway, that's about all you need to know about what I do in Glasgow. I don't consider travel to be a perk... but then I have only been to London, Leeds, Edinburgh and Aberdeen with my work. I found out on Friday that I am needed for a week in Philadelphia aka The City of Brotherly Love!

Will be heading over there from the 15th through to the 22nd of November. It clashes with a number of things I want to do :: See Lewis enrolled as a junior soldier... attend the "all of Scotland" youth councils (I was to be the roadie for Paul Clement and his band) and also miss the Holy Spirit day and the post-Holy Spirit Day Alpha gathering (which is really annoying). I'll also miss Olly and the we'ans terribly. Olly could have come over for the weekend - my team would have paid for it if I went coach - but Olly don't fly!

When life throws you lemon... you make lemonade and then form a global multi-national corporation and take over the world.

I am hoping to hook up with the Existential Punk and maybe get to see some of Philly... and, who knows, check out some sweet Philly Soul.

So anyway... need your help. Any hints, tips, ideas for the trip? Anyone want to hook up? Where's the Sally Army in Philly? Any new expressions of church in the emerging culture that I could connect with? Any sights worth seeing... apart from the Liberty Bell?

Let me know. Oh and if you can support Olly and the we'ans while I am away... I'd appreciate it!

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Anonymous said...

Got your back whilst you are away T have a great time.

Anonymous said...

How could you possibly give up a chance to be Paul's roadie. What are you thinking!!?

Chris H said...

Aaw, I was looking forward to catching up with you at youth councils.

Re. the emerging culture. I was reading The Emerging Church by Dan Kimball, and he says that the UK is much further down the road to becoming a "postmodern nation" than the US. If you do find a new expression of Church while you're over there, I'd be curious to know if you agree with his assessment (he's American, by the way)

Anonymous said...

Hey I'm going to be in lovely Manahawkin New Jersey, just an hour or so from Philly, from the 15th to the 27th of Noviembre. So maybe we can all meet.


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