Sunday, November 05, 2006


All I can say about yesterday is wow! What a day... it was electric!

Kicked off early by racing through to Scotsys for their grand opening of their store on Great Western Road in Glasgow. I needed a power cable for my iBook and the briefest of possibilities of winning a prize for the purchase was thrilling. Don't think I have won anything but have my beloved iBook back in operation. The Soos bought an 80 gb iPod (that he couldn't get to work with his Powerbook) and would have bought a 17" Macbook Pro... but they didn't have any in stock (d'oh!!!)

We then headed over to Glasgow's Transport Museum for the girls... It is fab to consider it costs £1 to park for 4 hours and you can see the Transport Museum... Kelvingrove... and Byre's Road. The Museum was fab... so much to see

Highlights for me were the old fashioned street and underground station...

and the beautiful VW Campervan. I so want one of them!!!

Afterwards we headed to The Fort for peri-peri chicken at Nando's which was lovely! The girls were very well behaved and Miriam loved being our serving wench for the meal... running back and forward filling up our drinks. Thanks honey!

Thanks to this man :: The Soos! generous to a fault and looking dapper in his flat cap.

Afterwards... we popped over to Borders for a wee look at the magazines... and a wee GINGERBREAD LATTE from the ol' Starbucks. For the record - I love Gingerbread Lattes and although I am suspicious of Starbucks globalisation policies... I love their product this time of year. If that makes me a hypocrite then so be it... at least I am honest in my hypocrisy.

We did a bit of shopping... or should I say The Soos shopped and acted as his personal fashion advisor. Multi-talented! Argyle is big this season!

Later on... the Soos and I went to see INXS at the Barrowland Ballroom and OMGoodness!!! What a gig!

The new lead singer was born to do what he does... he was amazing! The kind of guy you want as a lead singer and would hate as your daughter's boyfriend! He wasn't a karaoke singer - he made the old songs his own and sang material from Switch in a way that the audience just reacted! Amazing.

Their set was so strong... Kicking off with Suicide Blonde and playing classics from Kick like never tear us apart... New Sensation... Need you tonight... Mystify... - absolutely brilliant! Here was a tight, experienced band who were... possibly... passed their best... rejuvenated and onfire! It was a beautiful experience... although JD smoking on stage and pouring wine on folk was a bit too excessive for me... and Devil inside makes me uncomfortable (although this is for the truth in the lyrics!) All in - fab concert!

We rounded the day off with late night noodles in Wagamama :: Yaki Soba tastes great any time of the day!

Great times with my family... Truly electric!

Thanks again for the mention on the Blog! Liked the review of the gig, but thought I should mention that from what I saw, JD wasn't pouring drinks on the audience...he was pouring wine for them. I thought it was very gracious...he threw out cups and then proceeded to fill them for the crowed...he had the bouncers hand more out to people a little further back too. Throwing out the bottled water later was a nice touch too.
The Soos

I'll take back the excessive bit re pouring drink - Didn't quite get the full picture.

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