Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Philly... Day 7

Today was pretty much work. Our partners brought in the fab caterers from yesterday :: Crocodile :: with their wraps the width of my arm... and super-duper cookies!

I asked Susan (on the left) if she could get me a tee from Crocodile... totally blagging it... and she hooked me up!!! Thank you, Susan!!! and thanks to Crocodile for the tee and the golf balls. Appreciated!

I got the tee that says on the back : we answer to a higher calling! What a great memento of this trip.

Went back to the mall for some last minute bits and pieces... and saw this car: the Honda Element. Like it. Not sure its over in Blighty yet... but it should be.

The evening was rounded off in Kobe for some lovely Japanese food... and entertainment. Nice.

Got to pack... arrghh!!! Travelling home on the busiest travelling day in the States. Been a great trip... got to know my team better... and meet some wonderful people. Got to be in amazing places and pick up some great stuff. All good... and I am thankful!

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Johnny said...

The Element is cool. A lot of folk who were waiting for VW's long promised Microbus have changed their object of desire to the Honda Element

Anonymous said...

Hope you travel home safely, Thomas and glad the trip has been beneficial. Will see you (dv) on your return.

Chris H said...

Personally, I prefer the Civic :)

Safe trip home T.


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