Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Off to Philly

Friends... I'm off tomorrow, very early, to the city of brotherly love... Thanks to everyone who has wished me well... I'm still contactable... just 5 hours behind GMT.

I'm going to do my best to find the best that Philly has to offer :: Dig out the finest sneaks at Ubiq like the thanksgiving AF1 (above)... find some obscure beats at [::Cue Records::]... and eat some good food at Gianna's Grill... I am also going to worship in the Norristown Salvation Army... and take time out in the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Keep an eye on Olly and my girls for me, please... and keep us all in your thoughts and prayers. Remember ALPHA - its the Holy Spirit day on Saturday... and they need your support.

I'll blog as much as I can... and I intend to hook up with Roy when I am over there... which will be good.

Shalom, my friends... will post soon.

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John said...

Thomas, our prayers are with you for travelling mercies, and protection for Olly and the girls, not forgetting Alpha. Have a blessed time.

Be encouraged.

Anonymous said...

HAVE FUN and enjoy your time with Roy! I am so SAD not to be able to hook up with you. Peace and safe travels! Adele

Laura Whispering said...

Enjoy the trip!! Prayers are with you on your travels.

Johnny said...

Travel safely, my brother


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