Saturday, November 25, 2006

One Lifer

Alotment on South Street
Read about this new marketing concept :: One Lifer :: in psfk and then followed it up in the original article from Getty Images - this interests me. I have a marketing background and am equally fascinated and appalled that we can pigeonhole people in the name of pushing product.

This is what Getty says...
Ultimately the One Life trend is about focusing on the individual. However unlike the ‘me decade’ of the a ’70s, the ‘greed decade’ of the ’80s and the ‘lifestyle decade’ of the ’90s, the One Life consumer is constantly reminded that consumption comes with a price. Hence the emergence of the ‘confessional consumer’.

These consumers are aware of environmental issues, buy organic, recycle but also drive 4x4s, make the most of trips away on cheap airlines and still just about enjoy the pleasure of upgrade culture. Confessional consumption is conspicuous consumption with added guilt. It’s the psychology of consumers who will open up to friends about their ecological ‘no noes’. They are ‘piecegreen’ consumers who pick and choose their environmental moments.

The desire for a sense of One Life is a response to anxiety. Consumers are basically still spending, economies are growing, but as analysis of top keyword searches on the Getty Images Web site reveals, what they want is control over their own destiny. They don’t want to juggle balls, they want to start pitching them. The era of multitasking is out and the age of monotasking is in. They want to hit ‘pause’ on the attention economy.
Thing is... if you are like me... you can relate to parts of this definition... but won't be able to connect with others.

I am continually reminded that my consumption comes with a price... and do think about the purchases I make. When I bought an iPod in Philly, I kept it on my desk for the whole trip unopened in case I couldn't justify the purchase. I have 50gbs of iPod already... but it was the additional storage and the ability to watch movies (like Nooma or Coolhunting Podcasts) that swung it for me (it was also £60 cheaper).

Thing is... marketing terms are just that... terms! but we need to keep an eye on them... understand how society is changing... how we are moving from the post-war and information age to the network economy. How people are living and the choices they are making.

At the end of the day people are people... and individuals... and we must engage with them as people and individuals... and just love them because they are made in their Creator's image. And engage with them as we would like to be engaged... with dignity and respect... afterall, aren't we all target markets?

Here's one term that marketing doesn't use :: we are all Jock Tam's Son's bairns!

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