Saturday, November 18, 2006

Philly... Day 3

Another day at the office... and what an office it is!

This is the view from the conference room we are based... its pretty amazing... especially when these huge hawks / buzzards fly passed... kind of just chillin' on the thermals - awesome sight! I'll try to get a pick for the twitchers in the community - Nuno and my dad.

We out for lunch and had my first Philly Cheesestake except its not steak but chicken... and boy was it good. I feel like a flippin' blimp... the Michelin Man!!! Really tasty.

The place we ate in was a fab venue called The Boathouse - a real family place... mixed age... loads of TVs playing sports... great ambience... friendly staff... fab!

After work the team headed to the King of Prussia mall and all I can say is OMGoodness - it is HUGE!!! McArthur Glen x 10!!! at least.

First thing I did was find Starbucks for a venti Gingerbread latte... LOVELY!!!

The mall is bigger than you could imagine... its a cathedral to consumerism... in fact it kind of suggested what it would have been like in the Rome of St Paul's time... with all these temples to the various gods of the time... except our gods are Apple, LV, Abercrombie & Fitch, Armani, Bose, Sonystyle etc. Got me thinking.

Way too dear in there... even with a fab exchange rate.

This was my first experience of an Apple Store and, to be honest, I thought the staff on Great Western Road were better. One lassie could not understand battery - she thought I said body... I didn't get a battery for my sick iBook but did pick up an 80gb iPod for £60 cheaper than the UK... even though they add 6% sales tax onto the quoted price. Its for my Christmas... but I have to take it out the box to ensure I can get it into the UK without a rubberglove check at Customs.

My mother-in-law has a huge shop in the mall! I didn't get a shot of the SonyStyle store but had a wee play with the Mylo - the ol' nanolog looks fab on it. Going to be a big thing soon. Too expensive just now.

After the mall trip... we checked out Kobe - the Japanese steakhouse in the Hotel... Wow!!! Fully on tepanyaki experience... with teriyaki chicken being extremely welcomed and appreciated! Olly - you'd have loved it!

Good times... finished off with a few root beers in the hotel bar. Hitting Philly tomorrow. Going to be good!

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Johnny said...

It's a hard life, Thomas! You're making me miss the States so much!!

littlelaughalot said...

Hey babe...I miss you loads. Missed the ichat with you last night! Dayna really misses you and was a wee bit uspset tonight. I saw the photo of you and had a wee tear in my eye as well. Take care...have a good time.

love always

janey said...

Great to see you are having a good time and seem to be enjoying your food. Hey...check this out...

Missing you too take care..out there...hey that rhymes! Looking after Olwyn and the girls.

See you soon

love Janey


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