Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Philly... Day 1

Thats me here... in Philly... or at least in the suburbs.

Business Class was pretty special - loads of space... was able to watch Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest which was great! although a wee bit Empire Strikes Back... in that it doesn't end right... but you know there is a 3rd episode. I was also able to dig some Loscil and King Britt on the ol' 2nd gen iPod... and get into the irresistible revolution.

What have I seen so far? Industrial space - landed in Newark, NJ airport... Big, huge cars and lorries (we have this massive 7 seater Dodge people carrier to travel about in)... No paths aka sidewalks... We are very close to the King of Prussia Mall which...
...offers the most discriminating shopper an endless selection of luxury department stores, exclusive shops and sophisticated dining experiences-over 400 stores and restaurants in all.
It has a Tower Records ((who have a huge closing down sale on))... an urban outfitters... and an Apple store. Going to check it out later tonight.

I've been on some interstate roads... and the New Jersey Turnpike... and am glad to chill with FREE wi-fi!!! Already video iChatted with Olly... Janey and Claire... which was special. Don't feel too lonely.

In fact, the team I am with are all pretty cool... and there is a JAPANESE restaurant in the hotel - Sushi on expenses...its gonna be good!!!

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Anonymous said...

Glad you have arrived safe brother.... take care don't work too hard....

good to chat .... special, also to spend time with olwyn and the girls

janey xox

Bob said...

Welcome to Philly area. In case you're not busy enough there's a Philly cohort meeting Thursday night. Info is at
= Bob

Johnny said...

man, this interweb thingy is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

the tower records out of business sale is awesome. 30% stuff, but you gotta get there soon.

weareallghosts said...


Doubt I can make it tonight... but would love to hook up for a coffee on Saturday to hear your story... find out more on the emerging expression in Philly.


You are so right. 40% off already silly prices. See next post for some of the tunes I picked up. I'll email you re Sunday. Can't wait to meet up.



Chris H said...

Glad you made it OK - have a great time!

Matthew Bennett said...


Glad you are over there - so tower records receiving same fate as glasgow store - closing down? Hope you have a great time, praying and thinking of you. Debbie and I were there in 1988 (not as a couple though - youth chorus), seen liberty bell too.

God Bless, Matthew & Debbie


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