Saturday, November 11, 2006

Jon & Lorna's Wedding

Lorna (2nd on left) & Jon (2nd on right) are getting married today at the Salvation Army in Rutherglen! and Mr & Mrs Headphonaught have been invited to the whole day's fun and games.

Olly is singing a couple of songs and Chris from Glenrothes is Jon's best man... Will post my photos later on Flickr - my ol' man has given me a loan of his Canon EOS 350 digital - cheers dad!

Good times ahead!


Good times were had! It was a lovely... although slightly unorthodox ceremony...

with Olly singing a couple of songs: King of Kings, Majesty and How Beautiful.

We then had a lovely meal... with mackerel as a starter choice (I love mackerel)... followed by a fab ceilidh. All in... great time!

Check out the pics on my flickr :: link

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