Monday, November 27, 2006

Thank You Joel!!!

Huge... Gigantic... Mega... OK well maybe not mega... but big thanks to Joel for buying me a Relevant Magazine subscription.

It finally came through... and its fab! Joel, you are a star!

Check it out... its a recommended read! and check out Joel's blog too... and congratulate him and his dear wife, Claire, for the birth of their we'an, Naomi.


Anonymous said...

Read the article on Tony Hale from the fantastic canceled show, Arrested Development. He is also cirrently in Will Ferrel's new film, Better Than Fiction. Roy and I went to GRAD school with Tony Hale and worked with him on a video project. Adele/EP

joel said...

No problem! Glad you like it. Naomi' taking a lot of our time - as you can imagine hence it taking a while to comment and catch up with your blog.


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