Thursday, November 23, 2006

The resurrection of the coffee morning

The barrista's ballet

There is something going on in coffeehouses across the world that really interests me... and has me inspired to do something with the idea. The Coffee Morning is coming back. People getting together to blether over a coffee or other suitable beverage.

I picked up on likemind via psfk back in October and blogged about it on the hardthought - this is where the idea began to germinate.

likemind is growing... the coffee mornings they are planning for the 1st of Dec now incorporate NYC, SF and Seattle. There is also talk of one in Oslo too.

In addition, I found out through psfk that there is one planned for tomorrow in London. Russell Davies provides details of one planned at the Breakfast Club (a venue in SoHo) by this wonderful individual :: Beeker.

So anyway... I think Glasgow needs a coffee morning... It may have one already, but I am not aware of it...

Does anyone want to get together... once a month or so and just connect and have a blether? No agenda... no rules other than the ones posted by Russell (see below)... just getting together over a coffee / tea / beverage and putting the world to right?

Let me know if you are interested... and we'll make something happen.

Here's Russell's "rules"...
If it helps, I'll make up some rules of coffee morning:

1. Do talk about coffee morning

2. Say you're going to be somewhere at sometime (ie 11am at Breakfast Club) and turn up and sit there. Bring a book to read. If no-one else turns up that's fine, you've got a couple of hours of book reading. If someone does turn up. Hurrah!

3. Anyone can come.

4. No agenda. Just talk about whatever comes up.

5. Other beverages are allowed.
For likemind we have a two others:

6. Nametags: So people can start a conversation with a stranger more easily.

7. Pairs: Organize with someone else so if no one else is there you have someone to talk to. (Just like your book.)
Comment within post from Noah :: likemind

Thanks to Russell for his encouraging comment and for pointing me towards an overview of where this whole coffee morning thing is at :: link :: thanks, bro! I'm going to do the same and start a label called coffee morning

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Anonymous said...

It'd be excellent to see something starting in Glasgow.

There's a history of some of the ones we've been doing here:

It's been brilliant putting real faces to all the virtual names.

Unknown said...

Hmm im in glasgow petty much every morning so give me a shout if you go ahead. someone gave me a copy of the irrisistable revolution btw, its awesome.


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