Saturday, November 11, 2006


It amazes me how quickly the Moleskine notebook has become an essential part of my life. My whole life is dumped in there... pics from my we'ans... things to do... ideas for ((deep))... planning for meetings, Alpha and S*N*A*C... tickets from concerts... wishlists... quotes... my prayer list... its all in there.

Well in usual 'phonaught style... I've gotten obsessed!

Yesterday I bought a square reporters notebook for my trip to Philly. I'm going to use it landscape and capture all the experiences of the trip... and stick in loads of photos and memories... tickets... flyers... clippings from papers and magazines etc. My battery on the iBook is gubbed so I can't do the wi-fi in the City thing... but this is better. Longer lasting. Tangible.

In addition, I am diggin'... and would heartly recommend you check out :: :: its like iLounge for moleskines rather than iPods. Some great content with loads of pics of folks art and their modified moleskines. Nice read!

I would also like to point you in the direction of who have a fab article on the art of efficiency with "a notepad" coming in fourth in their top ten.

I battle with my personal organisation... If I don't write it down it gets forgotten... or remembered at 0300hrs. Sure the Moleskine is just a notebook... and an expensive... overpriced one at that! but it has soul... it is authentic... it has a tradition and a value that I appreciate... and a community of people who think the same. I usual carry around with me a variety of tools for today: a laptop (either my Thinkpad for work or my iBook for non-work work and play)... a couple of mobiles (1 for work / 1 for play)... 3 iPods... a PSP... sometimes its good to get away and balance your life with something analogue... something realtime... something tangible! That's what Moleskines mean to me... and I'm not alone.

Thanks to the Soos for kicking this whole obsession off.

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Paula said...

I love putting things in my journal. You are right, nothing quite matches getting out the glue-stick and the crayons and getting your hands dirty.

Anonymous said...

i love all mine too! My fav is the one with thick paper, i think the artists one. It is AWESOME and ink does not bleed through!


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