Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Philly... Day 8 :: Goin' Home!!!

Presently sitting in the business class lounge in Newark Airport with a ginger ale in hand.

Busy day so far... in work from 0800hrs... forgot my glasses so we had to go back to the hotel (d'oh!!!) Traveled from Philly to Newark Airport, NJ... with AC/DC Live blasting in the car. Sure beats the radio - which is terrible! (I am so glad for BBC1 and BBC Asian Network)

Eager to get home and see my honey... and my girls. Having my toys around me is no substitution for the warmth of my people.

I really appreciate all the comments from my community who have followed the trip. I have only one regret - not meeting up with Roy... and EP... (that's two actually) but otherwise its been a blast. I have a great team of folk back in Glasgow... and have enjoyed building friendships with the folk I journeyed with. It was good to see Philly and meet all the wonderful people I have met... especially the Lewis'

Got to go... battery is dying. Peace.


Anonymous said...

I am sad too! Wishing you safe and peaceful travels and a wonderful and happy homecoming with your girls! Adele

Anonymous said...

Glad the plane landed at 8.21. Will speak to you later,

Love, Dad.

Anonymous said...

Glad to have you back in town. Have followed your trip with interest, now look forward in hearing the tales first hand


Anonymous said...

Hey dude thanks for your mention a few postings ago. Glad you made it through the Philly experience. Hope we can catch up over the holidays. Roy


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