Thursday, December 07, 2006

7 from 8 :: S*N*A*C :: bellshill sa :: 10th Dec

Number 7 by NoiseHead
Number 8 by

What do you get when you take 7 from 8? You get 1.

S*N*A*C this Sunday night will follow this theme... about the "1" Christmas is all about... and focus on advent :: 7 readings followed by 7 songs... with opportunity for prayer and response. No sermon... maybe some thoughts as the Spirit leads. Just fellowship with like-minded people... hopefully with minced pies. We will have a couple of soloists... and BLOC will play some songs. Should be good!


Anonymous said...

Hey Headphonaught - hope it all goes well on Sunday. Look forward to a post letting us know what happens!

humfer said...

Am really annoyed we can't make it! We're going to see Bjorn Again at the SECC! If doesn't finish too late might drop in on our way back.

Kirsty x


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