Monday, December 25, 2006

Capt. Alec on the radio

Our officer... Captain Alec Still... was on Radio Scotland this morning on Cathy MacDonald & Isabel Fraser's show. The Band were also featured.

I recorded it and present it here in all its AAC glory :: ((link))

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John said...

I listened to it this morning Thomas, was wonderful, praise God for the salvo's!

Be encourgaed.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed hearing the Band and Captain Alec's excellent interview. Reminded me of the unique place the Salvation Army has in the real Christmas and in reaching out to those disadvantaged even, or especially, on Christmas Day.

Have emailed thanks to Radio scotland.

Anonymous said...

Didn't notice the link to the download first time round but have downloaded now. Thanks for recording and capturing the Band and the interview.


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