Thursday, December 28, 2006

Stuff - from Santa and the Sales

First off... its important to say I'm not anti-capitalist or even anti-consumption - I like my stuff... I just think we need to put more thought into our consumption. Green issues and personal debt are two reasons why we need to think twice about what we buy... do we actually need it? Oh and I believe capital is necessary... I just subscribe to a form of capitalism where care is central - care for workers... care for the environment... Hope this makes sense?

Anyway... been a good year in the ol' Headphonaught household for stuff. The girls got their room done up with a bunkbed and a lick of paint and some fab furnishings. Thanks Olly... your work is wonderful and appreciated!

The girls got way too much stuff... highlight (for me) was a Nintendo DS Lite (in white so I could borrow it) - it proved way too popular... so we got them another in the sale. I now have a 20% share in one!

Olly will, no doubt, blog about her gifts... needless to say, however, that she joined the Moleskine gang.

I was very blessed and I am extremely thankful! (From top to bottom - left to right)

* Thornton's toffee is just the best... ever! Its the only way my wife can shut me up. True!
* Candles for Olly and I from Janey & Roscoe (Thanks guys) - they are unscented but burn with different coloured flames. Nice.
* 24 (season 5) on DVD - extravagant but worthwhile. Will give Olly and I another reason to cuddle up together. We are going to binge it - already watched 3 episodes.
* Seriously Bad Album covers - thankfully I don't own any of the albums featured... they are all awful... and funny!
* The Message Remix "Pause" - Its a daily reading Bible that is split into 6 readings a week (you rest on the 7th) - going to start on Jan 1st... and discipline myself to read through. Thanks Olly!
* A Moleskine blank notepad - for lists and drawings and sketches... for the creative part of my brain.
* An interesting version of John's Gospel... liking the tricked out typography.
* A limited edition RED (unfortunately not Product(red) - missed opportunity!) Moleskine diary and notepad. Love it!

A couple more pics of my new Moleskines... and my latest toy! A 5th gen 80 (yes... EIGHTY) gig iPod. I openly admit to being an Apple junkie... but it is something I get pleasure from and do use them for my Lord and my family. I love the video capabilities... although prefer the PSP for screensize. Loving Nooma on the tiny screen.

We went to the sales yesterday... long day of shopping in Glasgae. It was cold and damp and busy... but the girls were, for the most part, wonderful... and we picked up some great stuff cheap.

First off... I picked up a Supreme Being tee with this logo... for £10. Its yellow with a fuzzy felt logo print. Why did I buy it? I love love!!! and it has my initials on it... which Dayna thought was funny - basically, it says "love me".

I picked up a couple of DVDs... need to spend more time just chillin'. Bought Bladerunner and Big Wednesday - two seminal films from my youth... for £6 each.

Would have preferred the original cut of Bladerunner and not the directors cut... but hey this is better than nothing. Beautiful film!

Big Wednesday
is just an awesome film about surfing and people who surf... set in the 60's. Lovely.

I also picked up a pair of grey Dockers for my work for £7. These are special for 2 reasons - firstly, they are a nice cut with sweet detail like an extra pocket within the right hand pocket... and secondly, they are the first trousers I haven't needed to shorten. 30" leg (I'm wee).

Thanks my folks... and my out-laws for their kindness in funding my trip to the sales. Appreciated!

All in... been a great Christmas. Not because of what I have... but who I have in my life. I have really needed to reconnect with Olly and the we'ans... and both sets of folks.

God is good..! Thank you!


Anonymous said...

80 gig 5th Gen ipod-- looks like a white one, though. My special gift this year was a Samsung widescreen LCD, which replaces the 17" box we've had for five years! sweeeeet.

caldjr said...

I'm in the moleskine club too now. C-A bought me the music manuscript edition so i can carry it with me and jot down new tunes as and when they come to me. Hopefully this will help me finish my blog song and create many more new tunes with Gods help in 2007.
(BTW she did get herself a moleskine too - can't remember which one just now!)


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