Wednesday, December 13, 2006


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I spoke to my GP today about my recent appearance on telly (straight to DVD that film!!!) and he informed me that I have a mild form of colitis - small parts of my bowel and other, less desirable, areas are all affected.

I haven't had the results of the biopsies yet... which is a wee bit disconcerting... but at least I know what's up with my guts and I can either act on it... or ignore it.

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Anonymous said...

Thomas, hopefully there is nothing more that the mild form of Colitis to be treated.

I am thinking it may be time to revise on Covey's Habit Seven and the Golden Goose fable. Life has a habit of reminding us how important our health is on all 4 dimensions - surely ignoring one of these dimensions is not an option?

My comments are recorded not as Dad Tog but in compassion.


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