Sunday, December 24, 2006

Departure Lounge :: Freesoul Sessions - 26th Jan 07

Bembe Segue wants to moveOne of the highlights of 2006 was the TrocaBrahma event that The Soos took me to in Edinburgh. It was a strong line up... but one of my favs was Mark de Clive-Lowe with the amazing Bembe Segue on vocals... doing her thing.

Mark's album :: Tide's Arising :: is fab.

Well... Mark & Bembe are coming to Edinburgh on 26th Jan 07 to one of my fav clubs :: Departure Lounge :: I'm not sure if I'll be in Scotland that weekend... possibility that I may be attending a church planting event in London... but if I am... I'll be there - hopefully with the Soos!

Check it out.

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