Friday, December 01, 2006


The Soos drove through to the 'Well on Wednesday night to hang out... collect his headphones... and seek my advice on iPods. I have the gift of healing iPods (I don't... I just know how to reset them) and healed his 4th gen 60gb. I couldn't heal his 5th gen 80gb and am worried about mine. For some reason the Soos' 80gb doesn't work with his powerbook... but does with his Intel Mac Mini. Strange.

Yesterday, I hooked up with my good mate, Jon G, and had a blether (no business). Jon had a fab time on honeymoon and spent time in Orlando, Alabama, Tampa Bay... and even spent thanksgiving with American friends. He is also experienced in the ways of the women as Cousin Boyd said after his honeymoon... and is loving the whole being married thing. Brother... its a good thing!

Lastly, I love this woman! I am grateful for having Olly in my life and can't wait to hear the final mix of her song on the latest Bellshill Salvation Army Band CD. Its a Christmas CD and Olly's choice of song - The Martin's Heaven's Child is a blessing to hear.

Thank you all for being in my life!

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