Friday, December 01, 2006

The Nativity Story

Can't wait to see The Nativity Story when it is released on the 8th December.

My girls want to see the cash-in movie remake Santa Clause 3... but I'd rather they see the Nativity Story. Who knows, maybe my folks (who put the fun in Fundamentalist Christian) may be persuaded to join us for the screening.

From the trailer and the stills... and the site... it looks really well crafted. It has a The Passion of the Christ vibe off it... especially when you hear the soundtrack (which is fab and will be on the to get list)

Sure... its probably some cynical attempt to get the latest pound - the Christian pound - but I don't care. Christmas is about Christ's birth for me and mine... and that's all that matters!

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Anonymous said...

You're definitely going to enjoy the movie. Though it is not Oscar Material, you'll like it. The Scenery, and the historical context are captivating.



Anonymous said...

Love to see it Thomas but afraid of the bolt of lightning! Being a fundamentalist evangelical Christian has its responsibilities.

Laura Whispering said...

Glad to see i'm not the only person excited about this after all!

Anonymous said...

Loved this movie. It really brought out the human/emotional side to the whole drama which is usually skimmed over in retelling the christmas story.


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