Saturday, December 23, 2006

New Music :: Rhythms Del Mundo :: Cuba

I picked up this album in Borders on Friday night and am LOVING IT. Its on rotation with The Bellshill Salvation Army Band and The Singing Company - its fab. Probably a bit too pop for me... with Coldplay, Arctic Monkeys, U2, Kaiser Chiefs, Jack Johnson, Franz Ferdinand, Dido & Faithless, and Maroon 5; all contributing to the mix... but then who cares? Its just lovely music and a great idea.

Basically, the musicians from the buena vista social club redo some great tracks like clocks, dancing shoes, and still haven't found what I'm looking for with their mojo. Each track has contributions from the original artists... making it more of a remix than a cover... and it works.

It also has some covers from buena vista artists such as the fantastic Ibrahim Ferrer with his version of as time goes by - this was his last recording and its sharp. Miss him.

It also has a very thought provoking booklet with facts on global warming. In fact £2 from each CD goes to APE :: Artist Project Earth. Worthwhile.

All in... its a great CD and well worth purchasing. Check it out... and love it as we do.

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