Saturday, December 16, 2006

New Music :: ((Pride & Glory, Truth & Beauty)) by [Phil Laeger]

Thanks to Dan for the heads up to this fab 4 track ep from Phil Laeger entitled Pride & Glory, Truth & Beauty which kind of gives away the theme of each of the tracks.

Loving it... in a Keith Green for the Noughties (not that Keith isn't relevant for today)... Piano... Guitar... Beautiful vocals... Lovely!
My heart breaks at Your beauty
Like the waves on this New England shore
And I can't believe You'd make all this for me
And it just leaves me wanting You more
My soul faints from Your wonders
Like the sunshine and rain on my face
And I can't conceive of a place more serene
Than to be in the palm of Your grace
To be in the palm of Your grace

Well worth checking out. Recommended!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Keith Green kicks A double S


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