Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Buy Nothing Day

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Buy Nothing Day is usually the 24th and / or 25th November... to coincide with Black Friday - the day after Thanksgiving.

I would like to propose that Boxing Day becomes the UK's Buy Nothing Day for one reason... the workers! I have 2 statutory days off - Christmas and Boxing Day... Christmas is hectic, but lovely! Boxing Day is our family day... we play games... watch films... eat leftovers... recover from spending a considerable amount of time in the same space as both sets of parents.

People need today off... and yet all the retailers are starting their January sales today. They can't even wait until tomorrow. This is nonsense... but demonstrates effectively our consumerist culture to a tee.

So today I encourage you to participate in your family... friends... community... and reject consumption. I'm sorry if this seems leftist to my politically minded friends... but we need to keep today for the family.

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1 comment:

Laura Whispering said...

Totally agree with you! My little sister spent boxing day stacking shelves and arranging window displays whilst the rest of us were together at home. Just wrong!


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