Saturday, December 16, 2006

New Music :: The Singing Company

Thanks to Johnny Laird for the heads up on The Singing Company... Have to say I was a wee bit skeptical when I saw the promo pic... seemed a bit ironic and it probably is... but their music is wonderful!!!

Songs from the Salvation Army's song book given an indie... guitar and piano... make over. The vibe is definately Tim Hughes but with more of an independent vibe. I am really excited about them... musically they are strong... but they bring beautiful songs like Never mind, go on... I am saved... Storm the forts of darkness... to the listener in a new and fresh way.

Marching on, for example, is a funny multi-part harmony that evolves into some sweet beats and wah-wah guitar. Nice job!

Oh and they do fab merchandise too... They are going to be big... or at least ghetto fabulous within the Army. An exercise in how to do old new!

Now... how do I book them for ((deep))???

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1 comment:

Laura Whispering said...

haha, man that's pure genius. Thanks for sharing!


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