Sunday, December 24, 2006

Interesting :: Talent Speaks

I wish I was more creative...

I like to think I am good at networking... coolhunting... thinking out-of-the-box... communications and maybe even analysis.

But I have always wished that I had the skills of folk like The Soos or Lard or even my all-in-all... I wish I could paint and draw and do graphics... just like them. That's how I define creativity.

Anyway... is a fab wee space for creative types. It is
...a web discussion that explores how advancements in electronic networking and digital technologies are quickly creating opportunities that will empower independent artists to achieve success through self promotion. As the Internet continues to evolve with far-reaching networking tools, artists now have an unrestricted ability to promote themselves to the global audience. New Media methods are creating a New System that allows artists (musicians, designers, photographers, writers, etc) to deal directly with consumers, bypassing the traditional hurdles of an outdated art and entertainment industry. As a result, scores of independent creatives will benefit both professionally and financially, to achieve success through their networking efforts and the support of their fans.
I think Josh Spear's article on DIY Tools is well worth reading.

Check it out... Especially recommended for my creative-type peers.

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