Friday, December 15, 2006

Music in London

My 4th gen 40gb iPod was a faithful friend while in London... keeping me sane as I traveled the underground... at one point getting lost an route to a meeting... or enduring the rush hour. I didn't buy anything new... but reveled in found sound ::

First off was cut copy with their fab album of garish electroclash - bright like neon love : It just fits the rude push-and-shove bustle of London. Its loud and very 80's inspired but the opening line of the album : time stands still when I think of you : kind of sums up how I feel when I am away from Olly.

For the times when I needed ambient, glitchy and contemplative music... the fab Sutemos compilation :: Draumar Um Kalt Sumar (Sutemos012) :: worked. It is a beautiful, melancholy compilation of haunting, abstract electronica from my fav Latvian netlabel. I counteracts the noise and busyness very well... especially in the airport or walking about. Download it for free and you'll know where I am coming from!

Beyond These Shores by Iona provides needed respite from the intensity of the city. Iona connect with my celtic blood and engage the deep need within my soul to praise my Creator... wherever I am. Prayer on the mountain - the opening track - is a wonderful instrumental piece that transports me to wild and desolate spaces in my homeland :: the Menoch Pass... Loch Luibnig near Calander... walking towards Tinto... or overlooking the Falls of Clyde. It then breaks into Treasure which is a wonderful track that keeps me grounded and appreciative of the blessings my Creator has given me... and where your treasure is... there is your heart! - so apt for London.

electronic music from the swedish leftcoast is a classic album by Plej that I was given by The Soos and love it! It is minimal yet funky... deep yet accessible... housey electronica that puts a spring in my step... and joy in heart. The joy of being in a thriving metropolis filled with interesting sights and sounds and beautiful people.

In addition... I was privileged to enjoy Bebel Gilberto's Bebel Remixed album while consuming the biggest eggplant burger I have ever seen with Roy in Giraffe...

...and I had the pleasure of Massive Attack's company (Collected) while eating breakfast in the Sherlock Holmes Hotel

Music inspires me... and it was fab to hear some great tunes while eating... instead of the usual insipid nonsense. I will remember the soundtrack to my time in London with fondness.

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