Thursday, December 07, 2006

Coming to London :: Part 2

Received confirmation today that my trip to London is ON... and what's more... I'm going to be staying over from Tuesday to Wednesday in the Sherlock Holmes Hotel in Baker Street.

From the promo material on the website... the place looks really special.

But what's cooler is that I will be free to hook up with Roy and Johnny Laird (if we can sync our diaries) - Drop me a email, chaps, or leave a comment... and we'll hook up.


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Anonymous said...

I'd love to hook up, sadly my knee's still in repair. So public transport might ruin me.

Anonymous said...

Hey yeah Tuesday night or Wednesday morning then? Tuesday evening is best for me.

Anonymous said...

i am like SO jealous Roy gets to meet you before i do!!!! Have fun and give him a good swift kick in the arse for me, umkay!!?? Can't wait for the day of our meeting someday! Adele/EP


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