Saturday, December 09, 2006

Nintendo Family Tree :: NerdyShirts

I love tees... they are my second favourite clothes after flowery Laura Ashley dresses... I like a good design... not just a logo! I like an idea... a concept that speaks volumes. That's why I like Lardmonkey, Threadless, Stussy, and blagging free tees from Crocodile Catering and the fundy-baiting Rockstar Games!!!

Anyway... I have another company to consider :: Nerdy Shirts :: especially when I saw this supersweet tee that details The Nintendo Family Tree - love it.

They have some pretty amazing tees on offer like this one in honour of scalectrix...

...and I'd love to get this one for Dayna : she's such a bookworm.

Recommended. Thanks to The Soos for the heads-up.

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Anonymous said...

it feels good knowing that i've owned a large percentage of that tree!

Anonymous said...

2 prayer points for Thomas:

1. He likes dresses.

2. He likes flowery Laura Ashley dresses.

Laura Ashley was sooooo '80's but not something good in a retro way! :) We don't even have Laura Ashley stores anymore here in the USA.

Thomas, i love you man, no matter what you like or dislike. i just had to tease you on this. I am one of those who used to wear Laura Ashley Dresses in high school in the '80's during my preppy Catholic school days! LOL!!!! Adele/EP


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